The dreaded comment section

I’m lucky enough to live in a community that’s very diverse and accepting. As a result, I tend to wear rose colored glasses when it comes to the amount of ignorance that still exists in our country, specifically related to disability rights.

Luckily, the internet comment section exists , and never ceases to pull me back into the reality of how far we’ve really come.

First, let me reiterate how far we actually HAVE come . The answer is pretty darn far. Kids with special needs are by law required to be accommodated in schools. The ADA (Americans with disabilities act) has provided long deserved accessibility for Americans with disabilities. People are generally more accepting of those with disabilities, and institutions are considered archaic places of the past (not everywhere, unfortunately.)


Laws are in place. But many people still are in the dark about people with disabilities. So when I read an article about Autism and read comments such as “autism isn’t real,” “autism is rare” or “just don’t vaccinate your children,” I can’t help but weep for humanity.

There can be all the laws in the world, but how do we make the jump from being legally entitled to something and being truly accepted by society?

Just a philosophical thought for the day.


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