Well, despite the US team losing the World Cup yesterday, Tim Howard had become internationally known as the most bada$@ goalie on the face of the earth. (Pardon the language.) Someone even changed the Wikipedia page for “US secretary of defense” to “Tim Howard.”

As you may recall from my last post, Tim Howard has Tourette syndrome. So is his “newfound” fame a good thing or a bad thing for the TS community?

The answer- a little bit both. It is mostly a good thing. Tim is a good advocate for TS and isn’t afraid to talk about it in front of the media. So where does the bad stuff come in?

Mostly the reception. Any media coverage on TS, good or bad, tends to bring out the internet critics in hoards. Luckily, the naysayers are few and far between.

Here’s hoping Tim helps the world get educated!

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