A lighter fare

I typically think in a very deep, philosophical way. Naturally, my blog adopts a similar deep, philosophical style.

So, i figured I’d add a lighter fare to the blog menu, and occasionally post something light and philosophical. Sorry, I can’t stop being philosophical altogether. It’s just not in me.

So, here goes:

I’ve always wondered about how words and sayings change over the years. All sayings have an origin at some point or another. But if you think about it, the phrase “hay is for horses, save it for your marriage” makes absolutely no sense in current times. The phrase “beating a dead horse” is just morbid (gosh, I hope that doesn’t have historical origins.) or what about “the pot calling the kettle black?”

The point is, the original meanings have been forgotten. But how did that come about? Obviously there’s not a specific point in time where the origins were forgotten. There’s probably a really simple answer to this, but don’t you find it interesting to just contemplate things? No? Ok.

As you can see, TS is probably the least interesting thing about my brain. 🙂

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