The bully that everyone loved

It’s hard to think of something worse. All throughout my school years I was bullied relentlessly by the most popular girl in school . Everyone loved her. I wouldn’t have minded it if just the students loved her, but the teachers loved her too. She even won the principals citizenship award.

She was the worst type of bully-a behind the scenes bully. She put on a fake smile, librarian glasses, and a sing songy voice in front of the teachers, and ripped into me when they weren’t looking.

I don’t know what it was about me. I seemed to be the only one she bullied , which was unusual.

But every day on the bus, she would splash her bottle of water on me as I walked down the aisle of the bus. I tried to sit in the front. She’d sit next to me. I’d get off at the stop after her. She’d find a way to splash me.

She wrote elaborate, thought out raps about my “ugly” face and had her friends sing them every chance she got. I changed up my route to class in hopes to avoid it, but it never worked.

She copied my paper in the 2nd grade and denied it. I had never even contemplated the idea of copying off of someone else’s work. Why would you use someone else’s answers on your assignment? That didn’t make sense to my second grade self. I remember being in tears. She was stone faced. Everyone saw me cry. I remember going to lunch and not buying milk in the lunch line so nobody would have a chance to confront me about how I was crying. I was so upset. I remember very few details from elementary school, but I vividly remember that day. Why? Because it was so hurtful to me. I couldn’t forget it because it was a scar on my innocence. It was the day I recognized that there was bad in the world, and that not everyone followed the rules.

Of course, the teacher would have known that I hadn’t cheated. but it was a sub that day. And the sub was my bully’s moms best friend.

Her mom was a very influential part of the community, and her mom was the nicest person i’d ever met. She’d always say hello and give me a big hug whenever she saw me. She made me feel important and loved. I just didn’t understand what made her daughter so hateful of me.

I wish I could say she got what was coming to her. But she graduated with honors, was prom queen, and went to a prestigious university . She even won a state beauty pageant. I kid you not. It would have only been worse if her platform was “anti bullying.”

I refuse to be angry that she’s so successful. I don’t want to stoop to her level. Instead, I choose to focus on the fact that I have a 4.0 in my 4 th year of college, despite all the hell she caused me .

To get to the point-Bullying sucks. Don’t do it. And remember that if someone is bullying you, it gets better. Even if the bully ends up as ms America.


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