Trials and errors, errors, and more errors

Do to you hate it when you think you’ve got everything out, but you don’t? (Profound, I know.)

I recently moved into a 1 bedroom apartment by myself to avoid the noise of having to live with others. My roommates last year were spectacular, but I wanted to try out living alone.

What could go wrong?

“Oh, our mistake. We had you down for a 4 bedroom again.”

“You can try to apply for a 1 bedroom again, we might have an opening.”

“Look, we have a 1 bed top floor open! Oh wait, we cleaned and prepped the wrong one. You’ll have to live underneath a bunch of stomping dinosaurs while you wait.”

“Yes, the unit is infested with black mold and puke stains, but at least there are no bugs…. Yet”

“Mail keys are overrated. Who needs mail anyways.”

“All our laundry card dispensers are broken. Ask your roommate if they have one. Oh, you don’t have a roommate? Too bad. Guess you’re gonna smell.”

NONE of this was a deal breaker, despite the obnoxiousness of it all. However, I moved into a top floor 1 bedroom to avoid noise since I have sensory processing issues. I wouldn’t mind that they built my apartment above the stairs if they had made the walls out of something other than cardboard and maybe, ya know, insulated it?

But they didn’t. And I can hear every footstep going up each of those three flights of laminate stairs. And I can hear every door open and close. And I can hear every thing you say to your roommate and your mom on the phone. And I have an ear infection from wearing earplugs and headphones 24/7.



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