Disability and Hollywood

Yesterday I watched probably the worst movie I’ve ever seen. It was sappy, cliche, and boring.

Today, I’m adding it to my “favorite movie” list.

Wait, what!? Why?

The main character in the movie “spy kids 4d- all the time in the world” has a hearing impairment. It doesn’t affect the plot in any way, nor is it mentioned all that much. All you see is a bad@$$ kid who just happens to be a spy- and have bright blue hearing aids.

There’s no sob story. There’s no “Cecil is a spy DESPITE his hearing impairment.” What you do see is sibling rivalry, family tension and resolution, and a crappy storyline. You see a kid turn down his hearing aids when his sister talks to much, and turn them up to crack a safe open.

The best movies about disability are the ones that aren’t about disability. They’re about something completely different, but happen to include a character who has a disability. Their disability isn’t at the forefront of the plot, they’re just like any other character.

These kinds of movies present people with disabilities as they should be presented: just like everyone else with a few differences. And that is why, despite being an overall crappy movie, spy kids 4d is now included among my favorites.


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