Special olympics

Is there anything better than special olympics? I doubt it. I have volunteered in several sports for the past few years and cannot get enough. Unfortunately I am now unable to participate during most of the year because I’m away at school. Because I’ve missed it so much I decided to volunteer for basketball just for the month of January. I’ve only been to a few practices and am having the time of my life!

My dad mentioned that I probably am not being too big a help since I’m only there for a month.

Oh, that’s cute dad. 🙂 you thought I was going just to help. Nope. I go because it’s FUN!

I go because I meet so many new awesome people.

I go to say hi to old friends.

I go because the spirit of sportsmanship is abundant and alive at every practice.

I go because I want to get in shape.

I go because the teamwork I see there is spectacular.

I go because it makes me HAPPY!

Any “helping” that I do along the way is just a bonus, I guess. If you asked me who benefited most from special olympics, I’d probably say it was me.

I have to go now. I need to ice my face. My cheeks hurt from smiling so much!


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