Uptown funk!

If you read the news, chances are you’ve seen this AWESOME high school drama teacher put together a version of “uptown funk” to get his students back in the groove of things:

uptown funk

Man, I wish that my teachers were that cool!

Upon initially watching the video, I noticed how cool it was that EVERYONE was included in it. Kids with and without disabilities were getting their groove on, and the soloists weren’t all skinny and fit.

However, reading some of the video comments made me think:

“How nice of them to include the disabled kid in the video”

“I love how they put the disabled kid in the front. Most people would just stick them in the back.”

These comments made me cringe. I know the people who wrote them had good intentions, but I couldn’t help but think- why wouldn’t they include kids with disabilities in the video? Who’s to say that including people with disabilities was an “act of kindness” and not due to the fact that they were an awesome dancer?

It’s easy for people to pity those with disabilities, but when we pity those with disabilities, we limit them in our minds. People with disabilities can be dancers, singers, politicians, teachers, and literally anything else.

I admit, when I first watched the video I immediately applauded the teacher for “including” the student with a disability. The next step was to take a step back, think about my personal biases and opinions, and recognize that “hey, maybe the kid was just an awesome dancer.”

And if you watch the video, you’ll realize that he was!