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12 days of my life since I last blogged

Wow! With all the craziness of the holidays and finals I realized it’s been a while since I updated everyone on the mundane details of my daily life!

Well, today’s your lucky day. You will receive those updates. And you will receive them in the words of a song:

On the 12 days since I last blogged my life has brought to me:

12 crazy (but awesome)
11 last minute assignments
10 daily coffees
9 all nighters
8 fits of laughter
7 fits of tics
6 fits in general
4 hours of sleep a night
3 weeks without laundry (oops)
2 hospital visits
AND A SINGLE 4.0!!!!

Wait what? A 4.0? Is it voodoo or is my disgusting amount of hard work paying off?


Ps: I know it’s been like 47 billion Days since I last blogged but that wouldn’t fit with the song. Soooooo



One thing that many people don’t know about Tourettes is that it doesn’t just “stop” when the tics start to become painful. Surprisingly, that’s a common misconception.

In fact, it’s quite the opposite. A lot of times you have to keep ticcing until it hurts enough, or feels “just right.” None of this is a conscious thought, but the tic won’t stop until that happens. Most of the time, I can’t tell you what “just right” is. My brain calls the shots on that one!

Anyways, the other day I was having a really bad “tic fit” and ended up with a concussion. Owwww. I was out for the count for about a week but am on the mend.

But here’s the thing I’m ashamed about. Whenever someone asked how I got a concussion, I lied.

“I walked into a wall.”

“You know, just doing that sports thing.” HAHA

“I got into a fight with an elephant.”

I couldn’t tell people. I couldn’t say “I hit myself in the head 47 times.” I was ashamed. I was embarrassed. And I was afraid that I’d hear “but doesn’t it just stop before you hurt yourself?”

So for future reference, it never stops. Literally never.

ALSO: I went to the dr on campus and when I told him I had Tourettes, he said “you’re born with that, right?”

….no. I got bitten by a radioactive spider and BAM- TOURETTES! 😛

I think he got his medical degree at Walmart…

A strongly worded letter

The past few months, as many of you know, i’ve experienced an upswing in symptoms.

Simultaneously, I’ve been harping on my apartment complex to come look at some scary looking who knows what in my bathroom vent.

Well, four days ago my friend came by and saw the scary looking stuff. He recognized it as black mold and the probable cause of many of my symptoms.

So, I submitted another maintenance request.


I told my dad about my frustrations, and he said he’d try and figure out something.

Fast forward to yesterday. At 9 am I get a knock at my door. It’s maintenance along with the manager of my apartment complex! FINALLY! What prompted you to come?

Oh? A strongly worded email from my father sent 20 minutes ago, including the words “seizure” “liability” and “health department?”

Sometimes that’s all it takes. Although next time, dad, I’d appreciate it if you don’t send the email at 8:30 in the morning!